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Right now, there is something very special happening right across the utilities sector. It follows the waves of change driven by deregulation and privatization; by the commercial reality of renewable energy sources; and by the raised industry and public consciousness of sustainability. Right now, we are entering a period in which data and intelligence are becoming your key to long-term success.


We are at the point at which utilities can now transform to Smart Utilities.


Atos is well-positioned to help utility companies achieve this data-driven transformation. We are building on our already strong track record in smart grid and smart metering. We add to this an exceptional depth of knowledge in the business applications and processes specific to the utilities sectors.


We are investing too, making sure that our clients continue to keep up-to-date with the very latest developments in, for example, cloud and big data. The siloed models of the past are being replaced by richer and more dynamic connections. Discover how these new connections reveal new opportunities.


Behind our Smart Utilities model, lie a number of highly specialized capabilities and solutions. We can and do offer each of these as discrete projects or services. But when we’re working together to envision your future as a smart utility, all of this knowledge and experience adds depth and value.

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Driving the digital transformation for Utilities

Interview with Antoine Garibal, Group Vice President, Energy & Utilities, link to interview


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