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LTE technologies and 3G circuit switched networks will co-exist for ten years or more. Difference does not disappear overnight: 


  • Global differences – while LTE is already well-established in the Americas and Asia, in Europe it is only just beginning to impact 
  • Local differences – even within countries and regions, customers will move in and out of LTE coverage zones as they travel between cities and even urban districts 
  • Device differences – people rarely keep their phones or tablets for more than a couple of years, but service providers must still cater for both LTE and non-LTE devices

Every communications service provider must meet the challenges of 3G and 4G co-existence, and even though the emphasis of 4G is increasingly on data, nobody can afford to overlook the continued importance of voice services.

The Atos Voice over LTE solution provides a robust and ready means to manage voice services across both LTE and 3G devices and networks. Atos VoLTE ensures:


  • An immediate bridge between 3G and 4G networks for all voice services
  • Low-risk and cost-effective implementation
  • Future-readiness - supporting the long-term co-existence of 3G and 4G networks
  • Simpler integration and lower operational costs – maximizing efficiency across service and network for user profiling, monitoring and reporting, and aggregated billing.
  • Open access to advanced and profitable NGIN convergent VPN/Centrex services



Our VoLTE solution is delivered using the robust and proven components of our well-established and respected Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) product. NGIN gives you a central voice product catalogue, allowing you to achieve sustainable levels of efficiency and control in a climate on continued fixed/mobile convergence.

The foundation of our VoLTE solution is the NGIN Telephony Application Server (TAS). Future-readiness has been designed in from the start: because the NGIN TAS is engineered to be fully compliant with the 3GPP VoLTE standards for SIP telephony, every new VoLTE device is treated simply as another end-point.

Atos provides all four essential VoLTE functions: 

  • Voice and Video - all LTE voice and video services are managed through compliance with GSMA IR.92 and IR.94 specifications.
  • User Profiles - user profile management automated, allowing users to add new rich media communication services.
  • Aggregated Billing - charging trigger automatically aggregates, costs and bills voice and data services across LTE and 3G networks.
  • Service Centralization - service centralization ensures a seamless user experience of voice services by switching automatically between networks.

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Voice over LTE

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