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One of the main challenges of many enterprises today is to integrate new forms of advanced communications and collaboration services to further enhance employee productivity, while preserving investments already made in PBX equipment.


PBX Trunking, from Atos, allows Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to connect the existing enterprise premised-based PBXs into the CSP’s network and deliver an extensive suite of communication and collaboration services with advanced quality and reliability, across multiple devices: mobile phones, desktop devices and integrated soft clients.

The PBX Trunking product from Atos is feature-rich from the start, providing functionalities that go far beyond basic trunking (call routing, pilot numbers, direct dial-in, a-number verification, CLIP-No Screening…) to advanced communication features:

  • VPN: Private Numbering Plan, Private CLI, CLIP No-Screening, Barrings, Access Codes, Enhanced ODBs, Forced On-net, Special Short Numbers, Announcements…


  • Centrex features for PBX-extensions, as provided in the Virtual PBX product: Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Call Queuing, Group Call Pick-Up, Advanced Call Forwarding, Absence Feature, PAS Skipping, Manager-Assistant, Multidevice.Enhanced Resilience that guarantees continuity of communications even when a link fails or a destination is not accessible and Quality Control features to ensure control of Customers’ Service Level Agreements. The Office Link service suite implements different levels of resilience and guarantees quality of the IP connection. The operator can offer different commercial packages over the same infrastructure, so customers can choose the level of resilience they prefer, from different options:
    o    Network Resilience: routes calls to alternative destinations, like mobiles. Typically used by small companies.
    o    Service Backup: a lower capacity link can be used when the primary links fails for incoming calls, while outgoing calls are still possible using other means as mobiles. Recommended for medium-sized companies.
    o    Service Continuity: provides full redundancy. So, when the primary link fails, a secondary one with the same or similar capacity avoids service disruption. Used by large corporations


  • Web Portals for both CSP’s and customers’ self-provisioning and self-configuration, which importantly reduces CSP’s operating costs.


As we can see in the figure below, the PBX Trunking product from Atos supports the integration of both Circuit Switched (CS) PBXs– via a CPE providing a SIP interface towards the CSP-, and IP / SIP based PBXs.





It is an IMS based product, compliant with the SIP Connect 1.1 specification that supports –at the same time- both Registered and Un-registered (or static) PBX integration modes. This built-in flexibility allows CSPs to meet the individual needs of all market segments from small to large enterprises.

With the PBX Trunking product from Atos you, as a CSP, can strengthen your position in the lucrative enterprise segment by helping organizations of all sizes take advantage of advanced cloud-based communications while saving their previous investments in PBX equipment.

To find-out more about our widely-deployed, carrier-grade PBX Trunking product, please contact one of our experts.


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