Number Translation Service

Number Translation Service

More than ever, in current times of economic crisis and fierce competition, businesses are looking for new and efficient ways to attract customers. Thanks to the Number Translation Service (NTS) from Atos, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have a great opportunity to help businesses on this, and establish profitable long-lasting relationships.


With the NTS product from Atos you, as a service provider, can help businesses of all sizes to improve their communications, and attract customers. Key features include:


  • Universal access numbers. You can offer corporations a unique contact number where customers can easily reach them, irrespectively of the location of the agent attending the call.


  • Non-geographic numbers are not linked to a specific location. They can be very interesting for smaller businesses to reach beyond their local markets.

  • Free-phone numbers can help businesses dramatically energize marketing campaigns. Consumers are more likely to call in response to an advertising campaign, if they know the call will not cost them anything.
  • Premium numbers used by certain businesses to offer their clients value added services such as tele-voting, tech support, directory enquiries, weather forecasts, etc.
  • A customers’ self-management web portal, so your business customers themselves can quickly and very easily configure the routing of incoming calls according to their own needs. Our self-management portal for customers is very powerful. For example, they can send incoming calls to a certain final destination depending on the time of the day, on the day of the week, on the origin of the call, etc., without any programming required, just using a routing tree visual interface.
  • A customers’ service usage reporting portal that presents your business customers with detailed, user-friendly information and statistics on their communications’ usage, so they can take informed decisions on their contact strategy.


Atos has built the NTS product to help CSPs address the flaws in number translation services of older proprietary technologies. The NTS product from Atos brings key benefits to CSPs:


  • Open, standards-based, and future-proofed product. Our NTS is a SIP based product. It ensures interoperability with today’s networks and technologies, plus a hassle-free evolution to SIP-based networks.
  • Multi-Network. The NTS product from Atos handles traffic from both IP & Circuit-Switched networks.
  • Multi-Device. Our NTS product supports Circuit-Switched and IP-based end-destinations, as well as fixed, mobile - including new VoLTE, VoWiFi devices -, PBX, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), etc…
  • Highly customizable. The product can be adapted to the customers’ requirements of all market segments: from small businesses to large corporations.
  • Regulatory compliant. The NTS product from Atos has been designed to accommodate to the different legal requirements applicable.
  • Operator administration web portal, Through the operator administration web portal, so you can very easily grant different levels of access to each customer.  This facilitates customers’ self-administration, and reduces your operating expenditures in NTS.
  • Feature rich. The NTS product from Atos can be used standalone, or in combination with other TNP products from Atos. You, as a CSP, can offer your business customers a completely hosted communications cloud solution combining NTS with the Virtual PBX and ACD products from Atos.
  • Highly scalable. It can grow from very small to huge deployments.
  • Carrier-Grade. The NTS product from Atos is built on a high capacity platform with overload protection and additional capabilities to limit traffic per customer and destination. It supports virtualization.


Interested in what the NTS product from Atos can do for you and your business customers? Request a demo.


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