Multimedia Resource Function



The Multimedia Resource Function (MRF) from Atos is a carrier-grade, highly scalable, and cost-effective product based on the Asterisk Open Source framework. It provides media related functions such as collecting DTMF digits, media manipulation (e.g. voice stream mixing), transcoding and playing of tones and announcements. It supports a wide variety of codecs including G.711, G.729, G.722, G.723.1, etc.


The MRF from Atos is a cost-effective alternative to other more expensive commercial products. It is widely used as part of bigger IMS solutions, to complement other TNP products such as Virtual PBX, NTS, WiFi Calling, VoLTE… with consistent media related functions:


  • Playback of tones and announcements
  • Password and PIN validation
  • Complex user interaction (menus navigation)
  • Prompt and Collect
  • Music Repository


Full technical specifications are available if desired – just book a tech session with one of our experts.


Multimedia Resource Function

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