Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

For many years Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have been running key revenue-generating Intelligent Network (IN) services, such as Virtual PBX, Mobile VPN, Prepaid, Number Portability... for 2G/ 3G networks.

New IP-based voice services such as WiFi Calling and VoLTE, and an increasing demand for more data capacity and speed are currently driving CSPs to evolve their traditional network technologies towards the all-IP network of IMS and LTE.

In this context, CSPs need to gradually evolve towards the all-IP network, without stopping the revenue flow from their existing legacy IN services.

The open, standards-based IN Evolution product from Atos addresses the key challenges CSPs face in transitioning their IN networks to an all-IP environment while preserving existing services.

The figure below shows how our IN Evolution product allows CSPs a flexible and gradual migration of existing legacy IN services:



  Gradual migration towards the all-IP network without stopping existing IN services
  •  The IN Evolution product from Atos provides CSPs with a controlled and flexible approach to migrate their existing IN services towards an all-IP environment supporting both IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), LTE, and legacy SS7 networks.
  • As legacy IN services are migrated to the IN Evolution product, the network is reconfigured to use the newly migrated service, which support both IN and SIP interfaces.
  • When an existing IN service is not already migrated to our IN Evolution product, the service can still be used from both the CS and IMS / LTE networks, because the IM-SSF component converts SIP triggers to INAP/CAP and forwards them to the legacy IN services.
  • The IM-SSF is an important component of our IN Evolution product. It acts as a gateway between the IMS and SS7 networks, allowing existing INAP services to be used when VoLTE, VoWiFI terminals are under SIP coverage, and similarly, allowing migrated services to be accessed from the 2G/3G network.


  Fast and Cost-Effective development of new, innovative and differentiated services

Atos is resourced to ensure that you can take full advantage of the market-tested, carrier-grade IN Evolution product right now.  

Interested in how the IN Evolution product from Atos can also help you evolve towards the all-IP network, while keeping your existing revenue-generating IN services? Let’s talk!

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