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A revolution is transforming retail: shopping just got personal

There is a retail revolution happening, and it is changing the rules of how you source, buy and sell products and services.


The new forces in retail revolve around markets, means and media. All three are bound together by the need for timely and actionable business intelligence. As a retailer, the way in which you share and act on intelligence empowers your people and contributes directly to real brand value.


Atos is at the forefront of helping retailers benefit from the new digitally-enhanced marketplace. Examples of hot competences include:


  • New media campaigning and smart mobility
  • Supply chain and PLM
  • Hi-tech transactional service and CRM
  • Smart warehousing and logistics

Combining these skills and more, Atos asks how it can help its retail clients capture and repeat business across new markets and geographies. In parallel, we optimize foundation IT operations, increasing performance and agility, while driving out cost.

Delivering added value for Premier Inn

Premier Inn

By integrating every Business Account process into one end-to-end service, Premier Inn is able to deliver tremendous added-value to both individual business travellers and their organisation as a whole.

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Veronique Lacassin
Global Marketing Leader

Revolution when context transforms retail: the choice war shopping just got personal

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