Open Data in Cities

Creating value from the Data already in cities

Citizens are more equipped and comfortable with technology than ever before. Connected anytime and anywhere, they demand the same tough standards and flexible delivery from public organizations as they expect from the consumer brands and providers that affect their lives.


For cities to catch-up (and keep up) with these demands, they must re-think the way they opperate and look for new ways to provide services to their citizens.  One way to do this is to unlock the power of the data that lives within the city.

Atos are proud to present our innovative CityPulse project in partnership with the City of Eindhoven. The CityPulse project gathers and analyses data from multiple sources of data that already exist within the city to provide intelligence which in turn enables the city to make more informed decisions.

We've been working with The City of Eindhoven, The Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety and Security (DITSS) and Intel to gather data from Stratumseind, Eindhoven's most vibrant entertainment street, to help de-escalate incidents by changing the colour and intensity of the street lighting.


This makes Eindoven a safer environment for citizens and visitors to the city, reduces repair costs for the businesses on the street and allows the city to focus police resource where it's really needed.


The same principle of gathering data from multiple open sources to help inform decisions can be put to use in many other senarios including parking, traffic and pollution management.


For more information on our CityPulse project, download our factsheet, watch our video or contact Albert Seubers.


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CityPulse project  - case study

CityPulse - using big data for real time incident
response management

Atos CityPulse

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