Foundation IT

Enabling successful change with digital operational excellence

In a fast-changing, globalizing market which is now going digital, insurance companies need to reduce costs, speed up time to market, mass customize their products and use real data to manage and price risk.

This is only possible if insurers’ core IT infrastructure and applications are optimized for agility and efficiency. Optimized Foundation IT reduces costs, enables rapid business change and ensures compliance.

In a commoditizing market, where the emphasis is on service cost, dynamic pricing, faster transaction processing and fraud reduction, the roots of success lie in world-class Foundation IT.

Winning performance


Atos designs, optimizes and manages the infrastructures and core processes that improve performance. Atos will:

  • Use core IT know-how to reduce costs, improve processing speed and reduce fraud
  • Reduce TCO and drive agility by simplifying complex application estates and delivering improved testing
  • Help insurers transition to scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud services
  • Improve content management for better customer insights and targeting
  • Foster improved productivity through a flexible working environment that enables effective working, from any location, at any time.

Partnering with Atos


Atos is a world leader in Operational Excellence for insurers:

  • European No. 1 for Managed Services
  • World-class Application Management provider, through our industry-leading Right-Fit approach
  • One of the strongest SAP partners in the industry.

Atos 'Now Insurance' -  acting as your digital transformation partner - connecting intelligent digital business processes and customer interaction, securely, to enable new revenue and business models faster.

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