Omni-channel Customer Mngt

Matching insurers' customers’ need for permanently available, customised, integrated and seamless interaction across every relevant channel –  digital or physical - anytime, anywhere


Customers have become increasingly demanding about the products and services
they want. They expect organizations to provide up-to-date and consistent information, available at any point in time and via any channel. Customers look for an “always on” service from their insurers, with a simple and convenient experience and a seamless flow of information, no matter how they choose to interact with you.


The key question is how to identify customers’ wishes and demands early on, provide correct and high quality information faster and in a more cost efficient way than your competitors, and manage customers’ expectations.


'Now Insurance' Omni-channel Customer Management gives you and your customers that single seamless experience and a unified knowledge repository throughout every transaction, across every channel. It means that you can tailor your insurance branch's physical and digital interactions with each customer, designing an experience that is customized to individual needs; that flows from one platform to another and from one interaction to another seamlessly; that empowers the customer both online and offline; that is permanently available and immediate.


Creating a consistent, personalised customer experience across all channels, fostering a customer-centric approach and driving wider digital transformation across the insurance organization.

Consistent, customised, customer-centric

▶ Greater simplicity and ease of use for customers who can stay connected at all times and switch between channels as needed
▶ Consistent cross-channel customer experiences that apply intelligence at every contact act as a differentiator in Financial Services
▶ A comprehensive, unified view of the customer across channels provides the insurer's employees with up-to-date information to tailor future digital and physical interactions at any moment
▶ Big Data Analytics profile your customers in depth, understand their context, and give them targeted, proactive support when they need it.


Add value

▶ Improves satisfaction levels and improves loyalty, while reducing average cost to serve.


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Why Atos?

Atos is a proven innovator and your key digital transformation partner of choice.


We are one of the world’s strongest providers of IT services to the financial industry, with 18,000 FS-dedicated business technologists committed to powering progress by making world-class expertise local to our customers in 72 countries all over the world.

Our focus is always to design exactly the right strategy for an individual bank, seamlessly delivered through our 'Now Insurance' Digital Customer Experience solution set (here) and backed by our growing ecosystem of world-class technology players. Together, we deploy proven best practice enhanced by ground-breaking innovations to drive business transformation - leading to profit growth and higher value per customer for our banks.

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