Digital business empowerment for insurance organizations


The insurance market is facing a period of profound and disruptive change, especially with the digital revolution. A combination of transformational forces, from technology to regulation to commercial pressures, is changing the rules in the marketplace. Insurers need to find ways of successfully responding to:


  • Commoditization, leading to reduced brand equity and price-based purchasing
  • Globalization, targeting new growth potential as mature markets stagnate
  • Real-time data, for accurate risk costing and dynamic pricing
  • Consumer technology, for greater intimacy and faster claims
  • Telematics and sensors, driving behavior-based contracts
  • Regulatory change, with new compliance challenges.


All of these factors are coming together to drive change on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented in the insurance market. So how should insurers respond?


Atos 'Now Insurance' for digital leadership 

Atos has answers to the challenges of today, and delivers new growth opportunities for the future.

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, with ground-breaking Now Insurance solutions for greater intimacy, responsiveness and targeting
  • TRUST AND COMPLIANCE, through leadership in risk, assured compliance and regulatory reporting; for more efficient claims management, reduced fraud and enhanced security
  • BUSINESS REINVENTION for transformational platforms for improved efficiency, lower costs and service agility


With ‘Now Insurance' re-designing these four client transformation challenges, Atos supports insurers to embrace digital life, preparing them to create new digital business, with new revenue streams and new operating models.


‘Now Insurance' from Atos, is a complete approach to the challenges your insurance organization faces today and tomorrow:


Supporting your digital empowerment, creating your path to becoming a more connected and intelligent financial institution across every process and interaction, to make your insurance organization more responsive, moving in real-time with speed, agility and security.


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