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The Criminal Justice System is facing significant change as it aims to increase its operational effectiveness against a backdrop of financial pressures. Digital transformation is the only way to meet both the operational efficiencies required and the demands from citizens for more connected, transparent and accessible services.


Making sure that the backbone of a justice system - court management – is working efficiently and effectively is key to freeing up limited and valuable resource, but also in ensuring a fast, fair and simple experience for both victims and criminals.


Courts need to quickly and efficiently share, access, and apply information to new and changing court operations. These demands call for sophisticated court case management software using the latest technology.


Our Case management solutions are designed to simplify business processes, improve efficiency and provide highly flexible justice solutions to fit your needs. They support a complex process that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow, such the processing of applications, claims, or complaints.


Our solutions support the workflow management, collaboration and storage of documents and the processing of a high volume of different content types:


  • Case filing: Case filing is streamlined by allowing acceptance of cases electronically or through manual entry. Configurable case entry screens allow you to choose which data fields show up and the order in which they will appear on the screen. The application of automated rules also reduces manual data entry
  • Scheduling: Intuitive calendar interfaces provide features that make managing schedules easy
  • Document processing: Powerful document processing features simplify production and management of documents. Documents can be generated from anywhere in the application and can also be configured for automatic generation
  • Adjudication: Flexible and efficient adjudication processing is an integral part of the court case management solution design. The solutions offer efficient adjudication processing; ranging from quick and easy violation disposition through entry for judgments, sentences, and processing orders. Specially designed user interfaces make court room processing a breeze
  • Statistical reporting: Track performance indicators in several business processes
  • Payment: Robust accounting modules include flexible and quick payment options. All types of fees, including bonds, can be quickly paid upon from a central user interface. Thin client ePayment components allow payment of fees/fines over the internet
  • Post adjudication: Case tracking goes on beyond adjudication with recording of probation conditions, programs, community service, and drug testing. These features allow tracking assignment and compliance with post adjudication conditions

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