Justice and Public Safety




Justice and Public Safety

Delivering joined-up services that ensure citizens have a fast, fair and simple experience at a time of vulnerability, whilst supporting our police and justice systems to operate efficiently and effectively.


Atos and our clients are acutely aware that when citizens come in contact with Justice and Public Safety Organizations, they are at a particularly vulnerable point in their lives. But limited budgets and resources to make these essential services available and accessible creates pressure. A move towards a joined-up digital solution is therefore essential but brings with it many challenges.


Our justice and public safety services not only help support the police and justice systems to achieve operational, productivity, cost and performance objectives, but also help ensure victims and offenders are supported at every point that they come in contact with the system.


Joined -up services in action

We believe that a fully functioning society needs a truly joined up, effective and transparent system that sees each person within the system as an individual (whether victim, criminal or professional) and our approach to justice and public safety services reflects that.


We’re working closely with five public service organisations in South Wales to track vulnerable citizens who slip between their separate databases.  In a ground breaking collaboration, local councils, health boards, and Gwent Police are sharing local information, while Atos deploys innovative data matching, predictive analytics, and consultative dialogue to help deliver better identification of individuals and groups most at risk in the area. Download case study>>


Why Atos?

Atos has worked with Justice and Public Safety Organizations globally so come with a vast wealth of experience and insight into the unique challenges you’re facing. We offer consulting and strategic services through to specific digital transformation projects that deliver operational excellence and improved citizen experience. We work with you at every stage. We bring new perspectives to old challenges ensuring a safe and secure result.

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Joined-up services

Connecting organizations to ensure vulnerable citizens are well looked after.

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