Foundation IT


With the march of technology, the field of operations for Defence and Security organizations is changing rapidly. The civil and military use of drones and the reality of cyber-warfare are just two examples of how technology changes the landscape. Within hours, an apparently minor incident can echo round the world in this new globalized Defence and Security environment.

Defence and Security is, by definition, an extended eco-system in which civil and military, public and private sector bodies must work together as a single team. Although it is the framework for the collaborationon which much of this activity depends, foundation IT does tend to slip into the background.

In pursuit of continually improving agility, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness – you can only benefit from considering foundation IT in terms of the connections and best practice from across the extended defence and security landscape.

Take time to reflect on foundation IT in defence and security. 

Foundation IT in Defence & Security

Atos delivers a broad range of services to clients in the defence and security sectors. These range from Expeditionary Defence Logistics and Battlefield Simulation systems right through to Homeland Security services, with foundation IT underpinning all capabilities.

Our foundation IT consultants are ready to work with you at both a strategic and operational level. Ultimately, all aspects of foundation IT are interconnected, and it is always worthwhile spending time reflecting on the big picture from process, technology and partnership perspectives.

Areas of particular interest include:

Identity management

Whether in border control or managing access to secure facilities, secure Identity Management must be reliable without impeding authorized movement.

Advanced bio-metric security systems from Atos are used to good effect in both civil and military secure environments.

IT Governance

In a world of accelerating IT change, overall IT strategy and governance must be continually reviewed and refined.

Experts in Foundation IT advise on all aspects of planning and governance – mindful of both budget constraint and the need to benefit from innovation while minimizing risk.

Content Management

Across the armed services and civil security agencies, collaboration hinges on shared information services. Documentation and process descriptions must be immediately accessible and actionable for all.

With real depth of experience in Enterprise Content Management, Atos ensures that the regulations and processes which underpin all military activity can be made available at click speed.

Cloud Delivery

In Defence and Security, cloud delivery will become the norm. The cost of service match the volume of use, and that is where cloud is a winner. Agility and scalability are critical too - and here again cloud delivers.

Aware that resilience and security cannot be compromised, Atos places particular emphasis on the use of private cloud architectures in Defence and Security – designing for scalability without compromising the secure perimeter.

ERP Transformation

Core ERP systems in Defence and Security are often fragmented – an inevitable consequence of their independent development heritage. As professional bodies seek greater and greater degrees of collaboration, new approaches are needed.

ERP transformation is a core skill for Atos. This combines with depth of knowledge in Defence and Security to deliver tangible value. When, for example, international defence forces collaborate, their logistics and asset management systems must be interoperable.

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