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Cyber protection from battlefield to boardroom

Emerging scenarios in defence and security

The world around us is changing. Factors such as globalisation, energy challenges, failed states and international terrorism are putting unprecedented pressure onto defence and security organisations. As missions diversify, many bodies now have to connect to external agencies or partners in order to achieve their strategic goals. All of these changes are being faced with little or no increase in funding or resource allocation.

As a result, defence and security organisations are having to look at technology to enable operating with other partners and more cost-effective ways of making their services available, such as providing self-service applications for personnel or choosing lower cost cloud-based delivery methods. But this greater reliance on technology and increase in connectivity brings a greater risk of cyber intrusion or attack.

All defence and security organisations must have a comprehensive approach to cyber security.

Protecting your systems from the unseen enemy

The cyber threat is a relatively new concern. Unlike traditional warfare, cyber attackers are unseen, usually anonymous and can wreak large amounts of damage with limited and commonly available resources. So it’s important that your systems, and your partners systems, are protected from cyber intrusion and attack.

A cyber security solution from Atos brings you a comprehensive and end-to-end approach of design, build and operate. Our belief in risk management is central to our approach. It ensures that the right tools produce the right outcome for your organisation. A risk management approach is also flexible enough to fit almost any context.

Security in collaboration

Operational pressures and resource constraints are leading to a greater use of external agencies and partners to fulfil roles within organisations. These connections, along with other networked and interactive systems, must be secure. You need to ensure they do not become a ‘weak link’ in your security.

Protecting users from risk

With more digital systems in use than ever before, you need to be sure that users are who they say they are. You also need to educate people—making security part of your culture is key to reducing the risk to your organisation.

Defending your system from external threats

As you become ever more networked, you become more vulnerable to intrusion or attack from the outside—whether it’s hostile nations, terrorists, organised crime or individuals. Secure your systems, and ensure you can recover quickly after an incident.

Agencies with vision choose Atos

We’ve worked with defence and security organisations for 50 years, delivering secure solutions to Ministries of Defence in Australia, Dubai, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, UK and the US. We work with NATO and the UN; armed forces in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia; plus police forces across the world. We’re also the Worldwide IT Partner for the International Olympic Committee, providing a secure IT system for the Olympic Games.

Our several hundred dedicated security consultants include experienced military officers, all of whom have a deep knowledge of how defence and security organisations operate and experience in deploying mission-critical systems.

The battle has also moved to the boardroom. But whatever your role in the defence or security world – military, intelligence, governmental, emergency service or border control – Atos cyber security solutions can protect you from the unseen enemy.

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