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Establishing and maintaining client trust whilst using digital tools & data for real-time transparency in security, compliance and reporting


The rapid digitization of consumers’ lives and of enterprise records is allowing for ever increasing amounts of data to be created and shared. Digital security, protection against cyber-threats, privacy and personal data protection have to be intrinsic parts of every Bank. Without a sustainable means of delivering Trust and Compliance, digital business models will fail fast.


The key to sustainable success for financial institutions, whose models rely on customers’ personal data, is to regain the trust of the customer by demonstrating measured and considered management and use of their data. Research shows that level of trust influences 20% of online sales.  Yet, according to Gartner, only 20% of businesses have put in place an effective, proactive risk management processes.


In terms of cybercrime, digitization will increase the cost of data breaches to $2.1 trillion globally by 2019, increasing to almost four times the estimated cost of breaches in 2015.


Today, the biggest challenge is to deploy privacy and data protection principles and mechanisms throughout the ecosystem of internet applications.


So how do you build trust, achieve transparency and smooth regulatory compliance in this new digital financial services landscape?



Atos 'Now Banking' Trust & Compliance to retain trust, optimize risk performance and keep the enterprise secure

Atos offers a unique end-to-end approach to Risk, Compliance and Security, as well as being a European Leader in Cyber Security. Atos’ digital transformation of banks’ trust & compliance challenges enables them to benefits from:

▶  Higher trust

▶  Protection of brand

▶  Increased risked adjusted performance

▶  Improved regulatory compliance

▶  Robust cyber security


Atos supports banks in revolutionizing their organization’s trust & compliance challenges through:

  • Enterprise Risk Management                                                                       Optimizing risk processes to leverage digital data, and maximizing return on capital with improved decisions, strengthening transparency.


  • Governance & Compliance                                                                          Consistent governance and control processes, reducing organizational complexity and cost of compliance.


  • Financial Crime                                                                                                                 Real-time analytics to detect and pursue fraudulent and even terrorist transactions


  • Regulatory Reporting                                                                                          Integrated and flexible platform to report information to authorities and supervisors.

  • Cyber Security                                                                                            Behavior-based security, identity & access management, omni-channel payments through secured authentication.



Atos 'Now Banking' -  acting as your digital transformation partner - connecting intelligent digital business processes and customer interaction, securely, to enable new revenue and business models faster.

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