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Customers used to world-class digital service experiences expect to get them everywhere, whether they are buying their music online, booking movie tickets or applying for mortgages. Your workforce is also demanding the same digital experience in the workplace – and they are bringing their own technology to work to make it happen.

A study by Forbes Insight and Google has shown that 40% of executives in the US alone now use a mobile device as their primary business platform . The study suggests that this will rise to more than half in the next three years – which, based on our experience in this area, feels like a conservative estimate.


The rise of mobile devices as standard tools in the workplace is inevitably reshaping the working environment itself. The challenge for banks and financial services companies is to adapt quickly enough. The technology has to change, and the culture has to change with it.


Workplace-as-a-service for banking and finance

The right workplace set-up is one that allows employees to collaborate more easily and deliver satisfactory customer outcomes quickly, or in real time.

Workplace-as-a-service from Atos allows banks and financial institutions to migrate securely and smoothly to a new, more agile way of working.


Systems can be optimized to quickly deliver multichannel and personalized communications for customers as individuals. With Workplace-as-a-service, faster speed to market can be achieved for new services, while new delivery methods such as mobile banking apps or online claims handling, can be introduced efficiently with the right combination of workplace service tools.


Atos Workplace Services allow for specific, measurable benefits:


  • Cost-efficient:
    • Reduce mobile phone costs by 80% or even more
    • Workplace-as-a-service is highly scalable and very cost-effective; we typically achieve savings of 20% savings over traditional approaches
  • Sustainable:
    • Gives your workforce the tools they need as your organization evolves and habits change
    • Break the “three-year-refresh” cycle
  • Practical:
    • Combine cloud and non-cloud architectures, based on industry-leading technologies
    • Get new hires working productively in minutes, not weeks
    • Streamline reporting and keep security breaches to a minimum
  • Employee focused:
    • Empower employees with clear, menu-driven set-up and policies for bring-your-own
    • Bespoke support – from self-service and self-healing, to individually personalized support

Comprehensive service coverage  


Addressing your main challenge, Atos helps in driving change and realizing benefits faster through:

  • User apps and data: virtualize applications, making files and apps available at any location
  • Messaging and collaboration: integrate anytime messaging with enterprise social networks for dynamic collaboration of employees – Communications Simplified eliminates the bottlenecks and complexity that restrict collaboration
  • Virtual Workplace: drive productivity and employee wellbeing by allowing them to work anytime, at any location, with their personalized virtual workplaces
  • Devices: manage all owned and BYO devices remotely and effectively 
  • Interaction Center: provide on-site and multichannel services to workplace users


For example, see how Atos transformed a global bank with our unified communications expertise, and what major benefits were achieved: download our case study


Having completed over 400 major workplace transformation projects to date, we know it is not just about designing and implementing technology solutions. We help banking organizations to understand the new ways of working they need to adopt through this period of cultural change. We create practical, future-proof workplaces that put people (and their individual needs) first.


Read our latest whitepaper “Future Workplace: putting people first in the digital workplace” for further insight on this topic by downloading it here


Adopting Workplace Services


We can assess your current patterns of work and service usage and benchmark them against industry best practice. We can even identify immediate opportunities for workplace transformation, based on our long experience of workplace service delivery. Contact us to talk to one of our experts.

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Case Study Unified Communications

Case Study

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Whitepaper Future Workplace



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