Digital Customer Advisory

Guide your customers to their financial goals by assisting them as they make decisions about their money and you will grow both revenue and customer loyalty -
all integrated in your digital distribution channels


Banking customers today find it hard to keep track of their financial affairs, let alone managing them – and your most valuable customers are the most likely to need support. Banks have responded by offering Personal Finance Management (PFM) services as part of their digital services portfolio. Those efforts have usually been aimed at visualizing the customer’s spending behavior and required serious customer effort to help categorize transactions. In return, customers were given insight into their financial history, helpful when making financial decisions.


Banks can now bring PFM to the next level: Digital Customer Advisory Services. For one, this means a shift from just visualizing and presenting historical data to providing a more forward looking insight such as financial calendars, cash flow projections and real-time alerts. It also includes the bundling and aggregation of accounts in one comprehensive view.  Most importantly, it offers bank customers real-time financial advice by applying big data analytics to assist the customer as he/she considers that next financial move. Such service is founded by the holistic analysis of all customer data to understand the customer’s context and personal preferences, critical for digital advice that needs to be relevant.


'Now Banking' Digital Customer Advisory empowers your customers with a guided system that suggests appropriate courses of action or products, offering help and advice through your web-banking environment. Better still, it tracks advice adoption rates – and learns from them. No wonder customers using Digital Customer Advisory open four times more financial products.

Strenghten support and boost sales


▶ Know your customer: find out more about your customer from an aggregation of data across all banking and payment instruments, and use that information more effectively to ensure all advice fits the customer’s context and preferences
▶ Improve the customer journey with your bank
▶ Create new sales opportunities
▶ Help customers to help themselves with relevant information
▶ Enhance customer service – and bank revenue - with Card Located offers 
▶ Automate chores like expense tagging and spending data categorisation
▶ Learn from customer advice adoption rates – and improve.

Add value - for your and your customer


▶ Breed happy customers: 40% of Digital Customer Advisory customers say they save more money because of their bank’s Digital Customer Advisory
▶ Ramp up customer loyalty: retention rate is 98% - which makes sense when you consider that 52% of account holders will leave for banks with better Digital Customer Advisory systems and money management possibilities.
▶ Double the time your customers spend Online Banking and reduce costs in other channels – take the weight off the high street
▶ Grow revenue  5.5 times faster with  Digital Customer Advisory. 

Why Atos?


Atos is a proven innovator and your key digital transformation partner of choice.
We are one of the world’s strongest providers of IT services to the financial industry, with 18,000 FS-dedicated business technologists committed to powering progress by making world-class expertise local to our customers in 72 countries all over the world.


Our focus is always to design exactly the right strategy for an individual bank, seamlessly delivered through our 'Now Banking' Digital Customer Experience solution set (here) and backed by our growing ecosystem of world-class technology players. Together, we deploy proven best practice enhanced by ground-breaking innovations to drive business transformation - leading to profit growth and higher value per customer for our banks.


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