Customer DNA & Analytics

Harvest digital customer insight to build a unique profile of your customer, recognize particular needs and choose the appropriate time and channel to engage


Care to know about your customer’s preferences, personal situation, lifestyle or opinion on your services? Banks engage with their customers all the time. Customers check their balance countless times on their mobile, use your payments services, learn about your investment products online and talk to your call centre agents and branch managers. 


Each interaction with your customer holds potential value, either as an immediate sales opportunity or as intelligence to enhance future sales. 'Now Banking' Customer DNA & Analytics will use every single touch-point with the bank - whether physical or digital – and turn that data  into insight on your customer’s drivers and context – the DNA that discloses this person’s behaviour and needs at any particular time.


This requires a continuous flow of customer data analytics and using advanced calculations and metrics to get established profound insights into your customer base, like the customer’s propensity to buy a mortgage loan or the probability the customer is going to leave for a competitor.


Customer DNA & Analytics enables you to be proactive and control the relationship with your customer by making every message or proposal you initiate relevant  and well timed.

• Use Omni-Channel contacts to bring higher levels of intelligence at all points of customer interaction, while continuously learning about customer needs, preferences and priorities
• Use Big Data analytics to build rich customer profiles, understanding millions of individuals in depth and providing targeted, proactive support to them at critical moments in their lives.


Create clarity, build intimacy 

▶ Rich, 360 degree, contextual profiles of millions of customers, each of them a “market of one”
▶ Unprecedented accuracy of segmentation and targeting
▶ Ability to build intimacy, predict needs and surface next best actions with recommendations for immediate revenue impact
▶ Improved customer service.

Add Value

▶ Customer value increase (up to 25% upsell and cross sell enablement), while improving satisfaction and driving loyalty
▶ Up to 40% productivity gains, effectively growing your sales capability with current staff levels.


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Why Atos?

Atos is a proven innovator and your key digital transformation partner of choice.
We are one of the world’s strongest providers of IT services to the financial industry, with 18,000 FS-dedicated business technologists committed to powering progress by making world-class expertise local to our customers in 72 countries all over the world.

Our focus is always to design exactly the right strategy for an individual bank, seamlessly delivered through our 'Now Banking' Digital Customer Experience solution set (click here) and backed by our growing ecosystem of world-class technology players. Together, we deploy proven best practice enhanced by ground-breaking innovations to drive business transformation - leading to profit growth and higher value per customer for our banks.

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