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Reinventing banks for the future

In a connected business world, banks need to develop new digital products which meet rapidly changing customer needs. The need to reinvent the traditional banking model for the digital era will create a unique opportunity for banks to rethink their operating models.


Banks today need to re-evaluate what customers and geographies they can really serve well and at a profit which delivers acceptable returns. They need also to revisit their product portfolio and pricing strategy to significantly boost their RoE to secure access to capital, a critical ongoing need for the sector.


New digital systems and platforms will help address the need to radically revisit the cost base to deliver customers the products they need and to create new value, at a return that meets shareholder demands. These will provide the banks with more efficient, robust and user friendly platforms through advanced computing devices, machine learning applications and Big Data.


The Banking industry today demands new digital solutions and strategies to enhance existing business approaches to provide value in new ways. Using digital transformation to create new connected and intelligent business models for new sources of revenue, notably with disruptive technology domains such as Internet of Everything and Big data, for ‘connected living’ is required to keep up with changing consumer demands and emerging technologies.


So how can digital transformation support business transformation through the creation of new business models and the monetization opportunities for financial institutions?



Atos 'Now Banking' for Business Reinvention creates new business models for a more connected, digital data powered organization


Atos is an industrial scale partner combining vertical BPS and advanced technology leadership.  Atos is the #3 BPS European leader and #1 European Big Data and High Performance Computing partner.


Atos’ digital transformation around your needs for your bank’s business reinvention enables benefits around:

  • New connected business models
  • More “Intelligent” enterprise
  • Optimized physical / virtual enterprise
  • Higher quality & consistency


How? Atos supports banks in revolutionizing their digital business reinvention through:

  • Open Innovation platforms (IaaS, PaaS…)
    Designing platforms to enable open innovation of applications. Opening up data to allow the third parties to build value added services
  • Business Process Services (BPS) - click here
    Industrial scale Business Process Services, outsourcing and technology to deliver new utility operations models.
  • Data management
    BI/Big Data: click here, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Information LifeCycle Management (ILM)
  • Intelligent Enterprise/High Performance Computing (HPC)
    Extreme computing platforms/apps using data to automate processes.  As-a-service cloud for real time compute intensive simulations
  • Connected Living
    Exploiting the Internet of Things (IoT) and new data sources for new business models and new services such as ‘Cash Club’ monetizing cards data e.g. connected cars and homes, pay per use insurance.


Atos 'Now Banking' - acting as your digital transformation partner - connecting intelligent digital business processes and customer interaction, securely, to enable new revenue and business models faster.

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Download the Ascent Journey 2018 for Financial Services to find out what Atos Financial Services experts share in terms of vision around Business Reinvention here



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