Digital business empowerment for banks


A digital revolution is taking place – the Cloud, Big Data, Social and Mobile are no longer trends that can be ignored, they have fundamentally changed the way all business should and could operate.


By 2016, 86% of workloads will be virtualized via the cloud and by 2018, there will be an estimated 4.5 billion smartphones, over 25 billion connected objects and 2.5 billion users of social networks. Just this year alone, $6.4 billion are being invested by the Financial Services industry to support and develop Big Data growth initiatives.


How can your banking organization harness the developments driven by the digital revolution to empower it’s business strategies and operations?


Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Cloud, Big Data, Social and Mobile will enable your business to secure, increase and consolidate future business growth.



‘Now Banking’ for digital leadership


Atos Financial Services’ core mission is to drive digital connections -  to make our clients ‘Now’ financial organizations.


Our ‘Now Banking’ vision enables Atos to deliver the right business technologies at the right time. to digitally empower our clients and enable them to master the four key transformation challenges of the present and future:


    Learn how your financial institution can ensure client satisfaction across the entire customer lifecycle by using analytics to predict future demands and multi-channel communications to deliver direct, personalized messages when, where and how a customer wants them. Make every customer a social advocate for your organization


    How can digital transformation support business transformation through the creation of new business models and the monetization opportunities for your financial institution?   


    Ensure your financial institution operates in an agile, flexible and scalable way in order to compete successfully in an increasingly competitive digital age. Respond faster to changes in the market, supply chain or end-user requirements.


    How do you build trust, achieve transparency and ensure regulatory compliance in this new digital financial services landscape?


With ‘Now Banking’, Atos can support banks to embrace digital life, preparing them to create new digital business, with new revenue streams and operating models.


‘Now Banking’ from Atos, is a complete approach to the challenges your bank faces today and tomorrow:


Supporting your digital empowerment, creating your path to becoming a more connected and intelligent financial business across every process and interaction, to make your bank more responsive, moving in real-time with speed, agility and security.

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