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Worldline is a rapidly expanding global player and the European leader in business and payments transactional services. We provide business enabling IT services and industry expertise to support our customers’ top line growth through innovation and by enhancing their competitiveness. We generated annual revenues of € 1.1 billion in 2012 and employ over 7,000 people worldwide.


Our transactional services and solutions capitalize on our unrivalled 40 years of experience in payments. Through our strong local links, we are ideally positioned to support businesses of all sizes and contribute to their success in today’s fast growing and constantly evolving market landscape.


To take advantage of increasing global opportunities in the transaction and payments space, we are building on this proven experience and leveraging Atos’ customer base. As well as expanding into other areas of Europe, such as Austria and Slovakia, we now serve nearly all of the top 10 banks in China, and have clients in growing markets such as Argentina, Chile, Columbia and India.


Weaving seamless experiences


Worldline creates and manages e/m-services for customer portfolios, operating as a digital services provider that helps businesses and consumers to capitalize on digital ecosystems. To deliver better commercial performance and business efficiency for our customers, our strategy is based on providing operational excellence across three key areas:

  • Merchant Services – Leveraging the consumer engagement with cutting-edge, seamless services for merchants on any device - before, during and after the point of sale – with payment as the “single point of truth”
  • Mobility and e-Transactional Services – Creating new contextual digital products for business innovation and operational efficiency such as seamless journey management and connected living services
  • Financial Processing – Industrial payment processing for financial institutions enabling all new payment forms and data value optimization, e.g. mobile wallet combined with data analytics

Our innovative, end-to-end vertical B2C solutions deliver the ultimate customer and citizen experience, enabled with new technologies like mobility or big data. And for our clients, we provide innovative and customized payment processing and digital services to deliver continuous commercial improvement and greater business efficiency.

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