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Regardless of your role, one of your primary goals is to delight your customers.  The only thing that changes is the lens in which you view your customer.  For IT, the lens is focused on the business user and how their customer experience can impact business outcomes.  How are workplace technologies changing the customer experience? Consumerization and choice are the two biggest changes that are impacting their expectations.  The change in workplace technologies has occurred at such a rapid pace that users have most likely experienced those technologies outside of the business environment.


The Atos Digital Workplace is transforming the way customers experience IT by affording the user choice in the platform they use; delighting them by giving them the opportunity to use the latest technologies both in terms of hardware and software and giving them platform that is going to make them the most productive.  Most importantly, we’re doing it in a way that makes no compromise in security.

Get a feel for the choice factor – we made it the design principle for 21,000 accredited journalists at London 2012 – already regarded as the first ever social media Olympic Games. Ask us how


Migration Services


As one of the catalysts to a better user experience, migration services and support is essential for your enterprise.


You might have staff that already use Windows 10 at home or on their corporate approved Bring-Your-Own device. You’re probably aware that Windows 10 has been designed to support cloud services and create a unified experience across desktop and mobile devices. It sounds like a good move for businesses who are embracing digital transformation, but a full operating system migration can be daunting, especially when you need to maintain business as usual. Security, integration, compliance, testing, management… there’s so much to consider.


Atos are experts in integrating new technologies for our clients, and we can do the hard work for you. We’ll help you develop a personalized roadmap to Windows 10 – whatever stage of the journey you are currently in – and support you through the transition.

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Atos evolution through intelligent workplace migration

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Intel and Atos Towers Watson Case Study

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