BPaaS for Financial & Accounting

Closing the Finance & Accounting Innovation Gap with BPaaS - Business Process as a Service

You have no doubt heard a lot of talk about transforming the finance and accounting function over the last 20 years.  The problem is that while everyone knows they have to change nobody really understands what transformation looks like.  We have had one tool in the chest and have spent years chasing ever diminishing returns using the same old systems and processes based on labour arbitrage. 


To innovate and transform you need to reimagine and move beyond Business Process Outsourcing.  It’s about smarter ways of working, constantly evolving products and services, and it’s about automation and intelligence. 


So what is BPaaS all about?


People Services


Management & Accountants



  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice Processing
  • Collections
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Cash Management

All industry benchmarked best practice



Oracle Cloud based service



  • Record to Report
  • Source to Pay (paperless process)
  • Order to Cash
  • Self Service Procurement
  • Tax Management
  • Supplier portals
  • Integration with payment hubs

All with embedded intelligence

Business Outcomes


  • Twelve week stand up of services based on your financial structures;
  • Pay as you go with no up front charges, - a predictable charge;
  • Flex up when you need to; cope with extra  demand;
  • Constantly updated to reflect the latest legislative and compliance regulations.

Working smarter , cutting costs and leaving you to focus on what matters.


BPaaS – A joint solution by Xerox and Atos


The solution is underpinned by best in class Oracle Cloud ERP Applications to provide a secure range of standardised, best practice processes for any size of business anywhere in the world.

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