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Leverage your business processes with holistic solutions


Business processes are the lifeblood of every company to keep pace with the global competition. To provide efficient support for your business workflows, we design and implement target-oriented solutions geared to your business processes and your system environment.


Our Business Process Solutions provide you with new opportunities for efficient business structures and processes. They support the relationships with your suppliers, partners and customers, enable you to manage business data and processes, and allow you to leverage new electronic sales and distribution channels. By seamlessly integrating all business processes, we optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable you to concentrate on your core business.


Boost the business edge – optimize CRM, BI and SCM processes
As business processes are very individual in every company, our Business Technologists enable you to find the appropriate solution for your company. So you benefit among others from Atos’ Business Process Solutions for:


Business Intelligence is a top priority subject for many companies. The opportunity to access detailed information at any time is a basic prerequisite for the ability to take the correct decisions and to develop potentially successful business strategies. Here we provide you with solutions for planning, reporting and strategy management.


Global competition calls for closer contact with your customers. Through our CRM solutions we enable you to optimize your company’s sales, services and marketing activities. From process modeling to requirements analysis, we support you during integration and rollout, we plan how best to migrate your master data resources and we help you in generating reports and preparing analyses.


Within Logistics and Supply Chain Management many companies have drastically streamlined their processes all along the value chain as logistics processes still offer large optimization potential. The shallower the manufacturing depth, the broader and more closely meshed the network of suppliers and partners. Having the right IT solution puts you in an ideal position to create more value added out of your supply chain. We support you to optimize delivery times, capacities, inventory and production flows.


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Atos Digital Solutions Interactive Map

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