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What if you could avoid the experimental phase of big data analytics altogether, and move directly to systematic business deployment?

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Atos Codex is the new solution brand from Atos, the Business Technologist. Our solutions and technologies enable you to rapidly prototype business cases and plug into the power of the cloud within hours. Atos has joined forces with several of its partners including world engineer Siemens to bring you Atos Codex – our Analytics Solution – the world’s first digital transformation strategy driven on vertical business principles.


The digital transformation facing your enterprise holds unique promise, but also new and unknown challenges. The Atos Codex Analytics Solution, along with its ready-to-deploy Atos Codex Analytics Platform, offers you exclusive speed and economic modeling when it comes to turning those technology challenges into new business opportunities. We intend to help you transform not only how you use data, but how you perform business.


Atos Codex Analytics Solution is a strategic approach to digital transformation that is based on three key beliefs:


  • We believe business objectives must rule technology investments.
  • We also believe data transformation must be driven by a rapid rationale of economic sense.
  • And thirdly, we believe your enterprise data is different to anyone else’s – leading us to create hundreds of viable use cases to simulate specific business environments.

Our mission is to turn your combined data into continuous business advantage.


Transforming big data into smart data for business application is the standard mantra in the marketplace, justified according to previous experience or business proximity. But in truth, technology vendors do not have a business outside their core competence, or an agenda that goes beyond protecting their branded estates. As Business Technologists rather than tech vendors, we at Atos leave behind the territory of the hard- and software vendors to become the customer’s business advocate when it comes to data and transformation. Our vertical expertise also brings us the intimacy and awareness necessary to understand digital transformation from a pure business perspective. Both of these factors result in a data and analytics strategy for our client partners which is much more aligned with specific business goals than standard tech moves.


The Investment Thesis for Atos Codex is clear and crisp.


  • Take the guesswork out of technology adaptation and (especially) out of Big Data and Analytics initiatives
  • Transform technology CAPEX into OPEX by leveraging our proven cloud models, designed to deliver rapid business justification, often within just hours
  • Finally, discover the benefit of partnership with a vendor-independent leader in digital business who puts your economic purpose before any vendor’s technology agenda

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