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Journey to collaboration

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Transforming towards a social enterprise

In February 2011Atos announced to the market that we would become the first Zero email™ company by the end of 2013. Whilst our ambition to eradicate internal email continues to grab media attention worldwide, our vision is actually much broader as we aim to radically transform our way of working and create a truly social enterprise. This 3-year global program set out to transform our working culture towards a collaborative organization, unlocking the expertise and potential of 76.000 employees, enabling more efficient operations, faster access to knowledge and experts, and ultimately delivering a better service to clients. Social technologies were deployed to support the transformation, from  a company-wide social enterprise network provided by blueKiwi, to Lync for instand messaging and voice meetings and Sharepoint for document sharing.


Zero email Success Stories demonstrate business benefits

We have several case studies showing business benefits through sharing of knowledge, finding the right experts quickly and efficiently working together in communities, bringing value to our clients and partners.
Start reading the success stories here

Business results already delivered

  • A collaborative culture enables connected employees
    • UK&Ireland CEO leading by example. From top down communications to employee engagement using live discussions on our social network with the UK&Ireland management team. 1,500 employees joined the discussions with over 3,300 views.
    • IT Management France improved awareness and understanding of local IT support to all employees by sharing real time information, best practices and tips in their open community. Turning a threat (not understanding what IT is doing) into opportunity – employees help improve the quality of service. With over 2000 members and more than 50.000 pageviews since March 2013 it helped improve the mutual understanding between IT Management and its users.
    • Chrome extension development speeds up through crowdsourcing, connecting likeminded experts to test and develop
    • Londrina Sport Club’s 298 members connect  to participate in sports activities, staying fit and building a strong social network amongst colleagues
  • Better knowledge sharing leads to faster response times and more wins
    • Telecom client team in Brazil found the right expert quickly for a potential 1M Euro deal.
    • Faster response times to RFPs, finding the right experts delivers real business results. Examples already show considerable time saving (up to 5 days work) with potential 130M+ deals in the pipeline.
    • Ask the SAP expert community lowered response time to SAP related questions from 2 days to 48 minutes average.
    • Social HelpDesk model introduced in LATAM improved Customer satisfaction and increased efficiency by 30%
  • Efficient operations contribute to a better work/life balance
    • Worldline Service Delivery and Operations has 140 employees sharing ideas, best practices on improving service delivery for clients. By collaborating together in this community it increases productivity and reduces time to resolution
    • Remote working in US is quite common, but thanks to the social network remote teams working for the same client come together in 1 community to share daily progress

Facts & Figures

  • 76.000 employees joined blueKiwi, our social enterprise network
  • 30% of staff is using blueKiwi on weekly basis and more than 20% are contributing content by posting or reacting to posts; This has improved our level of Collaboration more than 20 times higher than in 2011
  • Our top 5.000 senior staff trained in “leadership in a collaborative environment” and leading by example by active posts, discussions and contributions
  • A change network of 3.500 Zero Email ambassadors, and 400 Zero Heroes provided local hands on support and advice to employees.
  • Working together in 7.500 communities across countries and service lines
  • 300.000 collaborative contributions per month, 2Million page views.
  • 90 sessions per employee/month for calls, IM, video meetings on Lync
  • 250.000 Sharepoint page views/day
  • 25% of work time previously spent daily on email activities, now spent on business activities.
  • reducing email disruptions and overload by 60%, from an average of 100 internal emails per employee/per week to 40.
  • In addition 220 business processes were redesigned to become “email free”.


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