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Innovation lies at the core of Atos’ business strategy and the company has organized itself to think one step ahead to help its clients to reinvent their growth models.
Publically launched by Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of Atos, and sponsored by Hubert Tardieu, the Scientific Community has 110 members from all geographies where Atos operates, representing a rich mix of skills and backgrounds. Its aim is to help Atos anticipate and craft its vision of upcoming technology disruptions and the future business challenges that will be faced by the markets it serves.
By making this vision available to its clients, and by investing in areas related to the findings, Atos intends to help its clients make informed decisions regarding the future of their Business Technology solutions.
 Scientific Community

Achievements to date

  • In 2010, publication of “Journey 2014 – Simplicity with Control”, an extensive study that provided insight into future technology trends and practical tips on how business could use technology to grow and transform.
  • End of 2012, publication of "Ascent Journey 2016 – Enterprise without Boundaries", an extensive study addressing the pace of change observed over the last three years. Building upon the original Journey 2014 thesis, it presents a new set of major trends and challenges.
  • In 2015, publication of “Ascent Journey 2018: The 3rd Digital Revolution – Agility and Fragility”
  • Publication of more than 40 Ascent White Papers to date, most of which are downloadable from
  • Proofs of concept implemented in various domains, including Smart Mobility, Cloud Messaging, Social Network Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Identity Management and Smart Metering. The Atos Business Technology Innovation Centers (BTIC) in Paris, India, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and UK have been designed to showcase these proofs of concept to customers.
  • Providing the lighthouse for bringing new concepts and services into the Atos portfolio and playing a visionary role in achieving the Atos’ ambition to be a Zero email™ company.
  • Extensive contribution to pilot projects identifying and increasing the use of collaboration technologies and social community platforms.
  • A key role as mention in the Atos IT Challenge, a competition encouraging the next generation of IT Talents from universities all around the world.
  • Collaboration in the creation of the Atos trend report Ascent Look Out.

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“The Atos Scientific Community is the best 100 scientific people from within the organization. They are “creators of change”, making sure that whenever our clients choose us, they always get the best solution available.”
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO



Atos Blog

The Atos blog offers opinions, experiences and expertise from the Scientific Community, featuring thought leadership on a wide range of business issues.


Ascent Look Out

Atos in-depth analysis of the emerging trends, business needs and technologies that will be driving innovation, in 2014 and beyond
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“The business and technology landscape has never changed as quickly as it is doing now. At Atos, our responsibility is to stay one step ahead of this evolution – and help our clients to do the same. Our Ascent initiatives are designed to share with our partners and customers advance innovation and thought leadership on emerging trends in many areas.”

Thierry Breton
Atos, Chairman and CEO

Ascent magazine 2013

Atos ascent magazine 2013

Ascent – promises of a converging world
A magazine into the future of our ever-more connected planet


Ascent Journey 2016 - Enterprise without boundaries

The predictions and vision of Atos’ Scientific Community for the technologies that will shape business through to 2016.
Access our vision >>


Join the IT Challenge

Follow the IT Challenge: the student technology competition hosted by Atos. 

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