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Research and Innovation

Come with us to the future of technologies

Carrying out RTD and Innovation projects, since 1987, exploring the limits of technology to create innovative solutions aligned with business

The vision of the Research & Innovation group is mainly focused on applying the latest research outcomes to real world situations where Atos clients need solutions that go beyond what current products provide.

You will find in our group expertise in emerging technologies and a source of innovative ideas

Atos Research & Innovation group (ARI) is the hub for research and development in new technologies and a key reference for the whole Atos group. Thanks to our large expertise in research, development and innovation projects, we are able to bring new solutions and innovative elements to customers’ business.

Our focus on the combination of advanced technological developments and commercial exploitation of project outcomes leads to innovative but realistic solutions

We combine the most up-to-date technological achievements with high awareness of human and social aspects, including education, usability, inclusion, cultural diversity and multilingualism. Our principal challenges are the further use and commercial exploitation of research results and we have developed effective strategies to address them.   

Our capacity of coordinating international partnerships and our extended network of technology centers, universities and user organizations makes us a reliable business partner


Since 1987, ARI has been deeply involved in research, development and innovation (RDI) projects. We have become an extremely well-known player in the European research arena, with references in several DGs of the European Commission. Furthermore, Atos, as an ICT global player, is active in long-term EU working groups and therefore has a valuable impact in the definition of future funding programs.


More than 25 years of experience carrying out R&D and innovation activities

We have developed efficient working processes, templates, knowledge base, and collaborative tools. So, from strategy to project management, from the generation of ideas to the identification of funding opportunities and selection of the right partners, from opportunities to results, we have everything under control. This know-how enables us to provide reliable RDI support services to our customers.

It is needless to say that these capacities build on the diversity and preparedness of our people. Our experts cover a wide range of disciplines, from emerging technological areas to social sciences and economics. Teams are multi-disciplinary and multicultural, thus able to dialogue intelligently with customers and understand their needs.

Finally, Atos customers can benefit from our group’s RDI related services, such as advanced technology watch, innovation ideas channeling, evaluation and management. In addition, we offer services to help organizations aligning their RDI strategy with public funding sources programs. This can be complemented by proposal drafting and delivery support services, project negotiation and coordination. 

Blazing the trail of emerging technologies towards new horizons 

In line with Atos constant search for practical innovations and business trends, ARI is committed to being at the forefront of technological developments.


Atos Research Innovation labs 2016


Additionally, the group is working on three strategic lines of research and innovation:


  • Smart cities: in line with Atos MyCity solutions, ARI is developing a “smart cities benchmark”, which includes a methodology for smart cities services evaluation and validation. In ARI we opt for a more efficient management of cities coordinating and integrating management systems, IT platforms and processes in order to improve collaboration while eliminating duplication and reducing costs. We have put the focus on sensor-based technologies to optimize supplies and access to services and resources in urban areas and enhance the scalability of the services through open standards. We are involved as a core partner in the European Open Platform FIWARE project, which promotes the use of open standards for the development of Smart City solutions that are being adopted by the European initiative "Open & Agile Smart Cities" (OASC). Our team is providing an instantiation of the FIWARE platform and is expert in developing applications on top of this platform.
  • Industry 4.0: ARI is committed to address the new challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing, which has become an integral part of modern manufacturing. IoT allows our customers to create smart factories that dramatically increase production capacity and efficiency, and therefore gaining advantage over their competition. ARI is participating in several European collaborative R&D projects with the aim to provide all digitally enabled disruptive technologies that are likely to have a significant impact on manufacturing within the next years as Industry 4.0 relevant, such as ubiquitous cyberphysical systems, big data and advanced analytics.
  • Web-scale IT: According to Gartner, the term web-scale IT is used to describe the ways that large cloud companies deliver seamless user services on a massive scale. Gartner predicts that “by 2017, web-scale IT will be an architectural approach found operating in 50% of global enterprises”. This concept includes new software architectures, open approach to hardware/software/communications, interconnection of development and IT operation, efficiency in software, agile processes, and adaptable ICT infrastructures. Embracing this trend, ARI is developing methods and tools for automation and self-adaptability of software development and deployment for software optimization; for efficient, dynamic and optimal allocation of applications in hardware; for open platforms and processes for collaborative software development as well as for computing continuum.

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