Corporate Values

Our Shared Values - From Words to Ways of Working

While everyone in the business world today understands the importance of getting value, improving value, challenging value, at Atos we also talk about values – and how we live by them.
These aren’t just words of an acronym to be remembered – we believe they are critical to doing business well. If we all live by these values, we act as one Atos to our clients, customers, colleagues and shareholders. So take a moment to think about how you can apply these values in your daily work, every day.


Atos Corporate Values are part of our DNA, reflected into our Code of Ethics. They drive Atos’ strategy and daily activities.


To be a responsible Company in dealings with all its partners, guaranteeing strict compliance with laws and regulations.


To act in a completely transparent manner and with integrity in day-to-day business with partners and vice versa.

Sustainable competitiveness

To maintain and enhance Atos’ leading position by proposing sustainable solutions and to develop long term relationships with our partners, while always acting fairly with them.

Service quality and listening to clients

To propose solutions to clients that meet their needs, while ensuring personalized assistance and high service quality.


To create added value by proposing innovative solutions and new forms of work to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Well-being at work

To promote a climate of well-being at work, to ensure compliance with international labor regulations and prevent mental health risks.


To be an attractive and high-quality partner, service provider and employer, with the desire to improve every day.

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