Atos awarded ten SAP Validated Expertise Partnerships

2nd June 2014 Atos awarded ten SAP Validated Expertise Partnerships


Atos in the Netherlands has received ten Validated Expertise Partnerships from SAP Netherlands. The award of these partnerships recognises the SAP expertise within Atos in ten domains. SAP has awarded six new partnerships for Enterprise Mobility, Sustainability, Human Capital Management, High Tech, Public Sector and Insurance. In four other domains - Manufacturing, Chemicals, Life Sciences and Customer Relationship Management - SAP has extended the partnerships it awarded to Atos in 2013.


Atos is one of the leading providers of SAP services in the Netherlands, with a strong team of certified consultants, a portfolio of tailored solutions and proven longstanding SAP expertise. For these reasons, Atos is able to support and implement SAP projects and services across all these domains and to offer real added value to customers, so they can enhance their return on SAP investments.


“We are very proud of this important recognition for our SAP services. Throughout the years Atos has developed a great track record in these ten domains and we have invested substantially in expanding our SAP expertise,” says Pieter van Koesveld, Director of the SAP Delivery Line at Atos in the Netherlands. “The awards reinforce and support the views of our clients and the positive feedback from SAP is something we can be proud of.”

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