YOMANI wins ‘German Savings Bank Association’ payment terminal competition

YOMANI wins ‘German Savings Bank Association’ payment terminal competition


An outstanding performance makes YOMANI, an Atos Worldline contactless payment terminal, most convincing, thanks to a tried and tested configuration, its USB connectivity, its catching design and user-friendly, large colour display.

Decisive product features

This is the conclusion drawn by the judges of the German Savings Bank Association (DSGV), who awarded their 2013 prizes to the winners of the DSGV “contactless payment” payment competition in Berlin, and declared YOMANI the winner in the “Best Terminal Performance” test category.

Entered in the competition jointly by Atos Worldline and REA the terminal was a runaway winner over the competition with such features as “high speed in contactless payments,” and “loading with PIN at the point of sale,” as well as its “user guidance.”

Growth surge in payment transactions

Endowed with prize money totalling €275,000, the competition was organised by the German Savings Bank Association as a reward to promote contactless payments and thus to give card-based payments an additional growth surge in the coming years.  Ten winners in all were declared in three categories:  “Projects,” “Terminal Performance,” and “Innovation.”

Even better derived products

The YOMANI first generation NFC terminal takes up very little space, has an integrated PIN privacy shield, and simple and clear user guidance.  The current performance will in future be topped with a new, faster processor type in the new YOMANI generation -- YOMANI ML and YOMANI XR -- which are about to be launched on the market.

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