Atos rated a leader in Identity Management by KuppingerCole

05 November 2012 - Atos rated a leader in Identity Management by KuppingerCole


Atos has been given top ratings for its DirX Identity solution by the analysts at KuppingerCole. In KuppingerCole's new "Identity Provisioning" report, Atos was listed among the top companies in the "Overall Leadership" and "Product Leadership" categories. The company also received an excellent rating in the "Innovation Leadership" category.


KuppingerCole evaluated identity management solutions from a total of 21 international providers. "Identity Provisioning is the automatic management of identities and associated access rights for applications, and is therefore one of the central elements of the identity management market", explains Martin Kuppinger, co-founder of KuppingerCole. "With DirX Identity, Atos is able to offer an established and mature solution."


DirX Identity has been a successful product on the identity and access management market for many years now. The latest version (V8.2) is a comprehensive, process-oriented, cloud-enabled, scalable and highly available solution. Its features include user lifecycle management as well as role-based, platform-independent access management in real-time. DirX Identity ensures that customers are able to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements (compliance) for identity management.


KuppingerCole was particularly impressed with the role- and rule-based approach of the Atos solution and the consistent use of Web services to ensure interoperability. "KuppingerCole's positive rating shows that long-term experience is a critical factor in creating customer-oriented solutions", says Herbert Blaauw, head of the Security Competence Center at Atos in Germany. "We therefore see the new report as a recognition of our efforts".

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