Atos Services on Oracle Engineered Systems

Atos Services on Oracle Engineered Systems

Extreme Performance Computing environment (EPCe) is a unique high performance computing solution, created by Atos, that delivers agility, extreme performance and high compression for major IT landscapes as a hosted service - with Oracle Engineered Systems at its core.

Atos uses powerful combinations of Oracle Engineered Systems like Exadata, Exalogic, SuperCluster, Exalytics, VCA (Virtual Computing Appliance), ZFS (Storage Appliance), BDA (Big data Appliance) to create the best performance against the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for your Oracle Landscape.

This results in the following EPCe Benefits:

Extreme Performance for End Users

  • The latest Oracle technologies give you faster access to data, so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Data processing can be 5 to 30x faster, speeding up your core business processes for improved productivity.
  • Super-fast analytical capabilities make it easier to respond to market trends and to offer enhanced customer service.
  • And you will need fewer servers, reducing floor space and saving on energy consumption.

Lower TCO and Faster ROI for the Enterprise

  • By moving from a Capex to an Opex model you benefit from a rapid return on investment.
  • Extreme data compression means storage and network requirements are just a fraction of current costs.

Agility for Business Operations

  • Atos services ensure a fast and effective implementation to help you secure the maximum benefit from your investment.
  • Faster processing speeds mean a quicker time to market and improved responsiveness.
  • Rapid provisioning speeds up business application development so end users can be more productive.

Simplicity for IT

  • With specialist Atos services and state-of-the art Oracle technology, IT spends less time fine-tuning business applications.
  • Oracle Engineered Systems offers standardized components so there are no integration issues.
  • Faster performance means easier handling of Big Data and enhanced business continuity planning.

Atos and Oracle joined forces to deliver the VOC-Hotel offering: a Private Cloud solution designed for rapid deployment of cloud models (IaaS/PaaS).  VOC-Hotel enables you to combine Private Cloud with Oracle license cost reduction because it is based on OracleVM and offers a virtualized Linux, Windows or Solaris environment with solid performance and security. VOC-Hotel is based on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and is already in use with large corporate and government customers.


Start and grow in Atos Multitenant Private Cloud...

  • VOC Economy room: Processor Core with 288 GB high speed storage
  • VOC Suite: 2 Compute Nodes met High Availability with 9 TB high speed storage
  • VOC Apartment: 2 x 2 Compute Nodes met Disaster Recovery  with 18 TB storage
  • add Compute Nodes or ZFS storage  to your Suite or Apartment or mix these options as required

…or start / grow in your own data center with your own VOC-Hotel Private Cloud

  • Start with a PCA with any mix or number of VOC-Hotel rooms
  • Additional Compute Nodes or more ZFS storage or complete PCA’s  when require...


“Atos VOC Hotel enables us to grow-as-we-go. The cost for Oracle licenses are directly aligned with the CPU cores that we actually use”
Transition Project Manager IT Infrastructure of a large Insurance Company

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EPCe factsheet

EPCe factsheet

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VOC-Hotel Factsheet

VOC Hotel Factsheet

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Exadata Factsheet

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Atos' Oracle Exadata Services

Service sheet Exadata

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