Our Offerings


Atos’ expertise and portfolio covers the entire value chain of Microsoft productivity solutions. With more than 5000 Microsoft experts worldwide and being a partner for more than 20 years, we globally leverage the business value of Microsoft’s leading-edge technology for our enterprise clients.

Microsoft Business Solutions


As business technologists, Atos provides a suite of professional services, covering the complete Microsoft-based technology stack. We combine in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies with exceptional understanding of the processes and business environments of the sectors we serve.

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Managed Windows Server


As part of the Infrastructure Solutions portfolio our Managed Windows Server solution enables enterprises to use a maximum of server and storage capacity under highly flexible and cost-effective conditions. Our core experience in server and storage management leverage end-to-end delivery of services.

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Windows migration services


For thirty years, the enterprise IT team has been managing wave after wave of migration in the workplace. Now that Microsoft has withdrawn support of Windows XP, many enterprises face the heaviest migration challenge to date. There are no simple answers, but with cloud and bring-your-own, the Atos Adaptive Workplace is already beginning to change the rules.

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Unified Communications and Collaboration


With our Communication Simplified program, Atos brings it communication and collaboration options together, helping you boost productivity, control cost and sustain security at all times. Find out how Atos can help boost business collaboration across your enterprise; download the brochure now.

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SharePoint as-a-service


Canopy SharePoint is a subscription based service, delivering content and collaboration services from a secure & compliant Canopy Private Cloud environment. Canopy offers advanced use cases on top of the out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality to support typical business scenarios such as Intranet / Extranet, Content management, Social & Web applications. The service provides customers with full flexibility for volume adaptations, excellent cost performance and minimum provisioning times.

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Anytime Communication and Collaboration in the Cloud


Canopy Communication and Collaboration (A3C) is our cloud offering available in SaaS mode with a per user and per month business model which is implemented, hosted and serviced in the Canopy data center network and is based on Microsoft infrastructure and application solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics as-a-service


Canopy CRM provides all the functionality you need for an effective Customer Relationship Management with a familiar look and feel. You have a 360-degree view of your customer providing complete transparency throughout the entire enterprise.

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