IT Challenge 2016



This year’s IT Challenge theme is the Right to be Forgotten: manage your online persona. The students are asked to create a smart mobile device app to help track and manage personal data (bearing in mind the “Right to be Forgotten” and related topics) - from the perspective of an individual, a citizen, an employee or a consumer.


They should first of all provide a solution to track and identify one’s personal data. The next step is to devise solutions to either secure, filter or bring added value to this data – through actions, functionalities or objectives that might be useful to protect personal data eg. automatic de-subscription, notifications, deletion, or ensuring results do not appear in search engine top hits.


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The challenge is split into 3 main phases:


Phase 1: Registration & Idea Generation

From 15 October until 30 November 2015, we invite the students to come up with a concept for an app to better control, manage and protect personal data online. We ask them to present to us the technology and architecture you are going to use to realize this and how you will develop it in the second phase. 15 teams will be shortlisted.
Phase 2: App Development

From 15 December 2015 until 15 April 2016, the 15 shortlisted teams will work on the app development. From 15 April 2016 until the Jury Day, all 15 applications will be tested by our Atos Mobile Competence Center expects based in Barcelona.


Phase 3: Final Presentations

In May 2016, the 15 teams will present their finished apps with the finalists being invited to an Awards Ceremony in June.


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