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Adolfo Alonso Camarena


Atos encourages a focus on appreciating the support from colleagues and managers, and taking time to thank them properly through various initiative such as the Accolade program. Together, these aim to ensure a motivated team and to help in both retaining and attracting talent.


It is an honor to be recognized in this way - Adolfo Alonso Camarena

In 2013, I was nominated by the Head of ARI (Atos research and Innovation) and my colleagues for a Gold Accolade award which was presented in September 2013 by the CEO of Atos Spain. I was told that the award was not just for the work I had done in charge of the financial aspects of hundreds of projects that we did with the European Community over a period of 8 years, but was also for the positive effect I had on all the people who worked with me.

It was a great honor to be publically thanked like this by both my managers and colleagues. I work with around 150 people spread across several offices and in other countries. To me, it is very important to get people in different locations working together effectively and so I always try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere to work in. As a result, people trust me and see me as a sort of central point for all the activities.

Thanking people, and it can be as simple as just saying ‘thank you’, is really important. It only takes a moment to do, but the effect it can have is great as it demonstrates that you both understand and appreciate the actions and effort of others. To me, it is great that this is being encouraged through the Wellbeing@work initiative.

My Personal Recipe for Success - Adolfo Alonso Camarena

To me it’s simply a good night’s sleep! I always want to be able to give 100% at work and so I try and be properly rested so that I can be active and fully alert when I need to work and concentrate.

I don’t really have any special treats that I enjoy at work but my best advice would be to be patient and work hard. In my experience, if you work hard and always try to be a good partner to work with, you will then enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Adolfo Alonso Camarena works in the Financial Office of ARI in Atos Spain.

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Did you know?

Atos recognized as one of the Top 3 employers in Poland

3000 e-learning modules available to employees

Around 20,000 employees are part of the remote working program

Recognition and Reward programs awarded over 6,500 Accolades to employees for outstanding or inspiring behavior and achievements.

Atos was awarded GRI A+ status for its Corporate Sustainability Report for the third year running

25 universities worldwide participated in the Annual IT challenge

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