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A focus on a healthy mind in a healthy body helps to reduce absenteeism and so leads to increased productivity. Initiatives include Health@Atos, Atos’ revitalized website with many tips, and activities such as the Atos Tour which raises money for charity.


The backing from Atos has driven much more interest and participation - Mike Ramirez

In North America the 2013 Wellness deal, part of the overall Wellbeing@work initiative, was one of the most talked about programs in the company for years. The concept of staying healthy and fit to be at your best is not new and many of my colleagues already focus on of this in their personal life. But this initiative encouraged colleagues to get a picture of their health by offering a financial savings on healthcare premiums. 

In support of this objective, Atos in North America has proactively taken the initiative to provide colleagues access to specific programs like Healthy Eating, Healthy Holiday and the Wellness 2014 Challenge. At the local level, colleagues are excited and talking about the ideas and, personally, I thought this was a great initiative from our company. Having the clear support of the company in this aspect to achieve a better work/life balance has really driven much more interest and participation.

Some colleagues from NAM HR also created a great yoga video during the Wellbeing@work week and posted it on BlueKiwi. This proved very popular and was posted online for maximum effect. All these ideas are great for supporting the work/life balance which also leads to greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Mike Ramirez

My personal recipe for success is to always take ownership and pride in all aspects of your career, while maintaining professionalism and integrity. I also believe that it is very important to enjoy all aspects of life and my advice to everyone would be to always ‘Do what you say you will do’.

As for a special treat, I have recently discovered Edamame as a snack. This is essentially is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod. It is found in the cuisine of China, Japan and Hawaii and the pods are boiled or steamed and served with salt. In the United States it is popular as a health food item and is often sold in bags in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Mike Ramirez is a Program Director within Managed Services in the NAM region.

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Did you know?

Atos recognized as one of the Top 3 employers in Poland

3000 e-learning modules available to employees

Around 20,000 employees are part of the remote working program

Recognition and Reward programs awarded over 6,500 Accolades to employees for outstanding or inspiring behavior and achievements.

Atos was awarded GRI A+ status for its Corporate Sustainability Report for the third year running

25 universities worldwide participated in the Annual IT challenge

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