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Murli Menon


We all enjoy celebrating our successes and achievements, as well as supporting good causes. Within Atos, celebrating with each other helps to demonstrate and reinforce the values of Wellbeing@work which promotes and rewards the work and experiences of all our employees.


Everyone enjoys a good celebration - Murli Menon

I have long been interested in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and have been involved with it in a more formal way in Atos India since 2009. The IT business may not be a major contributor to environmental issues, but nevertheless, I am always looking for ways to compensate for its effects and to give something back to the local environment.

In 2013, I was delighted to be able to join an event in Mumbai where a team from the Atos Social Committee planted around 25 saplings to bring some greenery to our local park, even if it was on a small way. The event was enjoyed by many employees who had volunteered and local people as it was important to show that we both understood the balance required in supporting people and the planet while still earning revenue.

Being involved in these sorts of events also helps to create a pleasant and satisfying environment in the work place. After all, everyone enjoys a good celebration, especially if it benefits everyone, and the results are always positive for all those involved.

If employees can see the company raising its visibility, and being professional and recognizing human values, it all adds to the individual feeling of wellbeing that contributes to our ‘Great Place to Work’ drive. This overall approach has been good and led to some positive changes, however we need to continue reaching out to employees at all levels in terms of understanding their satisfaction levels.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Murli Menon

Positivity is my watchword! Always remain positive and look for solutions to problems rather than generating them. Set an example by yourself and take an interest in everything that you do as there is no job or task that is too small or unimportant.

I strongly believe in honesty and a high level of integrity in everything you do. Try and do things for society and not just for your own benefit. I also like to find a balance in the things I do. Get a good night’s sleep and try and maintain a balanced diet. Always find time to relax, either through sports or just taking a walk. And remember to always get out of bed on the right side which adds positivity in you!

And for a treat, why not try starting the morning by eating couple of dates and a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey? I find it really sets me up for the day.

Murli Menon is a Chief Security Officer and Head of Sustainability and CSR for IMEA region.

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Did you know?

Atos recognized as one of the Top 3 employers in Poland

3000 e-learning modules available to employees

Around 20,000 employees are part of the remote working program

Recognition and Reward programs awarded over 6,500 Accolades to employees for outstanding or inspiring behavior and achievements.

Atos was awarded GRI A+ status for its Corporate Sustainability Report for the third year running

25 universities worldwide participated in the Annual IT challenge

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