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Which path to take?

People are our most precious assets at Atos. Their expertise and advanced skill levels provide our customers with first-class services. Expert service helps further the image of excellence of the Group and adds to the company’s competitiveness and profitability. It is therefore crucial that we offer our staff every opportunity to keep their competencies at the highest possible levels.


We have a very strong focus on learning & development (L&D) at Atos to help our people keep their skills honed to achieve great results. We have a number of initiatives in place to help employees remain at the cutting edge of evolving technologies and business skills to be able to respond effectively to customers’ current and future needs.

MyLearning portal


The Atos MyLearning portal provides all our Atos employees with direct access to global learning opportunities. Via the user-friendly MyLearning portal, employees have access to a catalogue of training programs, can book a course, request management approval (if required), and create and track their individual development plan. Managers have access to the development plans of their team in order to offer support and advice. The MyLearning portal provides a single way of working across the global Group.



Atos has a comprehensive eLearning program that has succeeded in maximizing the accessibility of training for employees, giving everyone the opportunity to excel within our community. Every employee has free access, with no management approval required, to a range of technical and IT courses, as well as business and management skills training. Courses can be taken online or downloaded. Courses are supported by qualified mentors and reference materials available 24/7.

Gateway to knowledge:

Our eLearning offering comprises a wide range of over 3.000 different courses and access to a wide variety Management Books.


Atos University

Atos University, the company’s corporate university, is comprised of global training academies dedicated to specific functions. It also offers more generic training programs on specific skills and competencies, either via classroom-based sessions, e-learning, webinars, or a mixture of methodologies.
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