Ludovic Lavalette

Ludovic Lavalette

Ludovic did an internship at Atos in 2013 within the System Integration (SI) service line in France as part of his Master’s degree in engineering at Grenoble INP Ensimag Engineering School.


I’d heard about doing an internship through an announcement on the Atos website. I knew that they were a well recognized company and also knew a bit about them from an employee. And of course, I also knew about their involvement with the Olympic Games.


My integration in Atos was absolutely perfect. The ‘Welcome Day’ was great as I was able to meet other new employees and interns, and also to discover much more about Atos such as the amazing Business Technology & Innovation Center. I got a very good feeling with my mentor during the interview and right from the start I was given responsibilities and found that people were confident in my skills and abilities and were happy to work with me.


During my time I worked on the program management of an SI initiative based around putting the client central and first. My activities here included planning, reporting, support and sometimes consultancy. I then also worked on Atos’ Workplace Transformation initiative. This involved using their innovative new blueKiwi solution to work more efficiently through communities. Then, for the last few days, I worked on their Zero Email project.


Overall, I’m very satisfied with my internship. My role at Atos allowed me to discover many things and to be a part of different projects and initiatives. I was able to see in detail how program management works in such a big company. My mentor was absolutely amazing and helped me to do as many different things as I could. He trusted me and gave me responsibility. And all the people I worked with were very welcoming, respectful and friendly. In fact, this internship met my expectations perfectly.


For the future, I have decided to continue my studies next year, so I am not looking for an opportunity at Atos right now. But, if all, the mentors are like this, then I absolutely recommend Atos!

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